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Stop Student Loan Companies From Making Money Off of Massachusetts Borrowers

19 April 2018

In the face of safeguard rollbacks at the federal level, states must step up to protect their student loan borrowers from servicers that act more like debt collectors than loan counselors. Fortunately, there is something state legislators can do: create a Borrower’s Bill of Rights.


Tax penalty hits student loan borrowers in income-driven repayment plans for the first time

19 April 2018

Some student loan borrowers will be facing a larger tax bill this year due to a flaw in policy that taxes forgiven student loan debt as income. Diane Cheng of TICAS explains why this unfair tax penalty is placed upon some borrowers in income-driven repayment (IDR) plans, and why policymakers need to fix this policy.

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5 Facts About the Proposed Student Loan Repayment System

19 April 2018

The Department of Education is about to move forward with a new student loan repayment system that will dictate how borrowers repay their loans for decades to come.
Colleen Campbell of the Center for American Progress breaks down the five things you need to know about the big changes coming to Federal Student Aid.

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Free Student Loan Webinars on National Student Loan Debt Awareness Day

18 April 2018

Higher Ed, Not Debt has partnered with Student Debt Crisis to host a series of webinars on April 25, 2018 to help student loan borrowers understand what’s happening with policy affecting their financial well-being, and help them understand their repayment options.

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Why We’re Protesting Navient This Tax Day

16 April 2018

Adding insult to injury for borrowers, Navient stands to rake in $204 million in corporate tax savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act according to one estimate. The company is expected to pass on virtually all of their tax windfall to shareholders.

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